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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Will the bricks fade?
No the bricks are fired in a kiln & the colour will stay the same for hundreds of years.

Q. We have seen a brick we like on a new house. Could you identify it for us?
Yes we can and we will also let you know the mortar colour and colour scheme as they have an effect on the look you like.

Q. If we supply a plan can you quote to supply the bricks?
Yes if you supply an accurate plan we will quote at no cost and no obligation.

Q. Can you provide samples of bricks?
Yes we can as a guide to help you with colour selections.

Q. Is there any advantage between extruded and solid bricks?
No both types have excellent thermal properties for insulation and conform to all standards. The only difference is the colours available.


Q. We are looking for paver for an alfresco area do you have suitable pavers?
Yes we have a wide range of pavers made from clay and concrete along with a range of natural stone pavers.

Q. We are looking for a larger square paver can you help?

Yes we have an extensive range of large format pavers.

Q. We would like to pave our driveway do you have suitable pavers?

Yes we do both in smaller and larger formats.

Q We are going to construct a swimming pool do you supply pavers for the edge?

Yes we have a comprehensive range of bullnose and coping pavers to match your selected paver.

Q. Do the concrete pavers need to be sealed?

Boral concrete pavers have a pre-sealant added during manufacture, however Boral recommends the use of a good quality penetrating sealer to assist with the cleaning of spills and stains.


Q. Is the stone real?
No it is a manufactured product that has the advantages of being both lightweight and easy to install.

Q. To what kind of surface can it be installed?

It can be applied over a timber or steel frame, masonry, brick, tilt or pre-cast panel.

Q. Can it be used internally and externally?

Yes it can.

Q. What benefits does it offer over natural stone?

A number of factors including corner pieces that prevent mortar lines on corners and the fact that there are a large range of sizes for a natural look they are easy to install.

Q. Do you supply and install the Culture Stone?

Yes we utilize the services of Boral Preferred Installers to give you peace of mind.